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    The MAEKYUNG MEDIA GROUP engages in various forms of media businesses in both the newspaper and broadcasting industries. These are the MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER, MBN [Maeil Broadcasting Network], MBN+ - Total Entertainment Channel, MAEIL BUSINESS TV - Economic Channel , Korea’s No.1 business and economic portal site the MK(www.mk.co.kr), new business leader MAEKYUNG BIZ, digital news innovation MAEKYUNG e-NEWSPAPER, and the magazines MAEKYUNG ECONOMY, LUXMEN and GOLF FOR WOMEN. The MAEKYUNG MEDIA GROUP’s timely, precise news as well as a wide variety of other specialized economic information are always accessible through our newspaper, broadcasting, the Internet or magazine.

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  • Bithumb

    BTCKOREA is a crypto-based financial service provider, and operates global leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb. The comprehensive financial platform company is leading the digital financial innovation based on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

  • Glosfer

    Glosfer, a first-generation blockchain company in Korea, has done blockchain-related research and development since 2012 with a belief in the brand-new future that blockchain technology will bring.
    Glosfer was the first in Korea to conduct blockchain-based international transaction service and now it is expanding its business in fintech and SI sectors.
    In order to apply blockchain technology in everyday life, Glosfer successfully implemented the first blockchain-based local cryptocurrency this year. Also, the company developed Korea’s first blockchain-based business proposal evaluation system, a healthcare system as well as its own cryptocurrency platform ‘HYCON,’ successfully launching its mainnet and getting listed on exchanges.
    Glosfer aims to make a safe and reasonable system with the help of blockchain-based decentralized platform.

  • Blocko

    Founded on 2014, Blocko is a leading blockchain company in Korea with the most commercialized references in domestic market. Blocko is an enterprise blockchain platform provider specialized in general purpose blockchain platform based on its proprietary platform, COINSTACK. Blocko has successfully implemented blockchain-based services with banks and financial institutions, local governments, and large conglomerates. Blocko develop and deliver blockchain technology to our clients, replacing conventional and inefficient processes and systems of 'trust'.

  • Upbit

    As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea by both coins listed and markets, Upbit vaulted to the top of the global rankings just two months after its official launch in October 2017. By partnering with top security solutions from around the world, such as World-Check and Chainalysis, as well as implementing various fraud prevention measures, Upbit has been at the industry’s forefront in fostering a safe and secure trading environment.

  • Hashgrab

    Hashgrab Co. Ltd. is a business-consulting company for blockchain technologies, actively operating in the fields of: excavating, investing in and marketing for blockchain projects worldwide

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  • Gluwa

    GLUWA is a pin-tech start-up that has successfully entered the US market in Korea.
    We are pursuing global market through payment, remittance, P2P loan, and crypto currency related business based on our unique blockchain technology.


    GOPAX, launched in November 2017, is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Streami Inc., a blockchain services company. GOPAX is committed to setting a basic operating standard for exchanges; its commitment to security and transparency is why GOPAX is the first crypto exchange in the world to receive ISO/IEC 27001 certification, and is also the first Korean exchange to publicize its internal listing regulations. GOPAX remains committed to working together with regulators and the blockchain industry to realize “blockchain for good.”

  • Coinplug

    Founded in 2013, Coinplug is widely recognized for its technology and is a blockchain pioneer with more than 200 blockchain related patents. It is operating CPDAX, a cryptocurrency exchange, and providing blockchain-based enterprise solutions to major financial institutions in Korea.

  • KCF

    The KCF was established to help blockchain projects that need publicity in the Korean market. KCF is made up of people with over a decade experience in the IT industry and has a wide variety of blockchain marketing successes in Korea. Based on these experiences and people, we will play a key role in successfully publicizing and settling the blockchain project by building our own KCF solution, which is differentiated from other general marketing companies. Through strategies specific to the Korean market, we will lead the market trend and create industry standards

  • GBBC

    The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the leading trade association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, which brings together innovative organizations and founding thought-leaders from over 40 countries to advance understanding of blockchain technology amongst global regulators and business leaders. Conceived on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island, the GBBC is a Swiss-based non-profit, which launched formally during the 2017 Annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of blockchain technology through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers on how to harness this groundbreaking tool to create more secure, equitable and functional societies.

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  • ASAPbit
  • Bitcoin Center Korea

    Bitcoin Center Korea is a community center and incubating space for all things Bitcoin and more. Founded in 2015, it is the oldest and only offline hub for connecting developers, startups and investors from the Bitcoin industry in Seoul and beyond. Bitcoin Center Korea also provides education and other resources related to Bitcoin, Blockchain and other innovative/disruptive technologies to the general public.

  • Coinone

    Under the vision to ‘bringing Blockchain into the World,’ Coinone aspires to lead the new world of finance through blockchain technology.

  • Korbit

    Korbit is Korea's first cryptocurrency exchange and boasts a world-class level of security, including ISO27001 certification. Based on this, we have become a safe exchange that protects and manages mutual trust and customer assets. Korbit expects to show synergy in expanding its blockchain business through collaboration with various affiliates such as Nexon, Stokke, and Bricklink of NXC, its parent company.

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  • Dstreet

    D.STREET is a joint venture formed by 3 finance & blockchain related companies: Maekyung Media Group, DAYLI Financial Group, Block Crafters. D.STREET’s mission is ‘To provide reliable news and community about Blockchain’.