10.11 Time Type Program Presenter/Participant(s)
Opening 09:00~09:40 Welcoming Keynote The need to create a global cooperative body for formulating global consensus on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related policy Rep. Choung Byounggug
(Bareunmirae Party)
Opening Congratulatory Remarks Rep. Joo Seung-yong
(Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly)
Chairman, Financial Services Commission
Ministry of Science and ICT
Rep. Min Byung-doo(Chair, National Policy Committee)
Opening Keynote Official Opening of GBPC Rep. Kim Byung-Gwan
(Democratic Party of Korea)
Morning Session Topic Global Trends: Blockchain Policy Around the Globe
09:40-11:30 Keynote Public-private cooperation and nurturing the blockchain industry Lee Junhaeng
(Head of Blockchain, KORFIN; CEO, Streami)
Presentation Blockchain for Good: The potential of the technology and how to unlock it Sheila Warren
(Head of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum)
Presentation Overview of blockchain policy in select nations Global legislators
Discussion A global conversation: Legislators from around the world discuss legal/regulatory framework conducive to nurturing the blockchain industry Moderator: Rep. Cheong Byunggug
(Bareunmirae Party)
Rep. Kim Se-Yeon (Liberty Korea Party)
Rep. Kim Byung-Gwan (Democratic Party of Korea)
Jason Hsu (Taiwan)
Nakatani Kazuma, Matsudaira Koichi (Japan)
Olli-Poika Parviainen (Finland)
Kalle Palling (Estonia)
Sheila Warren (Head of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum)
Special Presentation 11:30~11:45 Presentation Formulation of global consultative unit, announcement of resolution Global Lawmakers + KORFIN
11:45~13:00 Lunch
Afternoon Session 1 Theme An Introspective Look at the Korean Blockchain Industry
13:00~14:50 Presentation Cryptocurrencies & regulations around the world Sandra Ro (CEO, GBBC)
Presentation The Korean blockchain industry's history and future Kim Taewon (CEO, Glosfer)
Presentation Use of regulatory framework and public-private cooperation to develop a nascent industry Miko Matsumura
(Founder, Evercoin; General Partner, Gumi Cryptos)
Discussion The efforts of the Korean blockchain industry: progress, limits, outlook Moderator: Rep. Song Hee-Kgyoung
(Liberty Korea Party)
Kim Taewon (CEO, Glosfer)
Sandra Ro (CEO, GBBC)
Miko Matsumura (Co-Founder, Evercoin)
Lee Junhaeng (CEO, Streami)
Kim Jonghwan (Senior Advisor, Blocko)
Afternoon Session 2 Theme Discussing the specifics of public-private cooperation for the blockchain industry
15:20-17:30 Discussion Creating jobs through blockchain, and how to foster the requisite talent Moderator: Lee Won Boo (Professor, Dongguk University)
Kim Joon Bum (CEO, ZPER)
Ryan Uhr (CEO, Coinplug)
Lee Sukwoo (CEO, Dunamoo)
Shin Yong Woo (Research Officer, National Assembly Research Service)
Lee Jae Hyung (Head, Convergence of New Industry Division, Ministry of Science and ICT)
Joo Yong Wan (General Director, Korea Internet & Security Agency)
Discussion Maximizing the potential of blockchain through smart regulation; crafting a policy guideline Moderator: Rep. Yu Euidong (Bareunmirae Party)
(Head, Capital Markets Division, Financial Services Commission)
Kim Gi Bum (Professor, Korean National Police University)
Cha Inhyok (Executive Vice President, SK Telecom)
Geoffrey See (CSO, Anquan Capital)
Eric Ly (CEO, Hub; Co-founder, LinkedIn)
Closing 17:30~17:40 Closing Ceremony Closing remarks Rep. Choung Byounggug
(Bareunmirae Party)